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No save project option in MakeCode



  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey Jennifer!

    Thanks for reaching out. A few quick questions to support further:

    1.) What operating system are you on?

    2.) Do you see the save button when the code is paused / when you see a green play button at the bottom right?

    I believe when you see the red stop icon on the bottom right you are not able to save.

    Keep me updated!

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Hi Jennifer Brown

    ********* EDIT **************

    I am leaving my previous comment to avoid confusion (I wish I could bbc some strikethrough) but my suggestion was poor. Bryan is correct.

    My best suggestion is to reset code builder. I had that problem when I first started on one of my devices, and I kept trying to fix it, but ultimately I ended up having to screenshot my code (so if I lost it I would still know how to reproduce it) and reset code builder. I restarted Minecraft fr good measure. Radical, but it did work. Best wishes. Let us know if it works. 

  • Bryan Sanders
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star Moderator

    When I use MakeCode in game, I never push a 'save' button -- everything is just there stored locally on my in-game browser.

  • Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Oh, jimminy, Bryan Sanders you're right. She posted a picture if the in-game MakeCode version, not the online version! The only save from in-game is either automatic when you exit in your game, or the share feature on the left.

  • Seizo Ishine

    Hi, I am also facing the same issue.


    In MakeCode of Minnecraft Education, the option for "Save Project" does NOT appear in MacOS.
    (But it appears in Windows version)

    The version of the Minecraft Education is v1.20.12 (both for Windows and Mac).

    I've tried it on two different Macs, but the "Save Project" option does not appear on either of them.
    --- macOS Catalina (Minecraft v1.20.12)
    --- macOS Big Sur  (Minecraft v1.20.12)

    I have also uploaded the situation to YouTube, so please take a look:

    I would appreciate any advice you can provide.
    Thank you in advance.


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