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My Minecraft is not letting me log in



  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey there!

    Thanks for reaching out, I'm Danny from Minecraft Education support team and I will be helping you today.

    We have seen this issue occur when the users do not have  "Read/Write permissions" for the application.
    Could this be possible?

    How many devices affected?
    What make OS version? Make/Model?
    Has it worked prior?

    I would also check to see if there are two versions installed. Multiple versions installed can also be a culprit for this error.

    It is also worth checking all the URL's found here ( ) are allowlisted on any virus protection programs or proxies

    Finally, if the issue persists, backup your worlds, uninstall, and reinstall from the Windows Store version here: because less permissions are required to run it.

    Let us know how things go!

  • Hey Danny,

    Only this device is affected. 

    It is my Lenovo laptop that I am using.

    It has worked once prior. I had just downloaded it, and then it worked, but when I closed the app, I went to re-open it the next day, and that is what happened.

    I clicked on some of your links to help me and the same thing still is happening...


  • Steve Minecraft

    My Minecraft also is running on me and my sister's iPads! Should I remove my accounts?

  • Ernie Support

    Hey there Steve,

    What exactly do you mean when you say Minecraft is running on your iPads? Are you receiving the same log in error?

  • Manu-Aa-Rangi Tewhata-Hicks

    Hi , im also having the same problem on my lenovo laptop

    No matter what I try, it only lets me log onto my phone so this device does not work for some reason.

    I recently logged onto here and it worked but when I come back here, showed the same thing like above



  • Ernie Support

    Hey there,

    If you are able to log in on your phone, it is likely there is something on your network blocking one of our services URLs.
    Make sure your there isn't a network/device/antivirus firewall, proxy, or parental web filter blocking connections to our URLs.
    You can see Danny's advice above. Let me know if you have already tried all of those steps and we can dig a bit deeper into the issue.

    Also, were you able to log in before the 1.20 update?


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