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Tynker, Mods, Add-ons
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i dont know my microsoft password
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I can't sign in
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"Can't connect to service you need" error
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Sign-on issues on PC
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Problems with hosting and inventory
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Minecraft just goes dark and wont work
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Minecraft Chromebook app hangs - black screen
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Multiplayer not working.
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I can't activate RTX for Minecraft EE
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my minecraft keeps crashing at 56%
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Students can't connect
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How Can a player or a friend join your game
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How to turn on experimental gameplay
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can't log in to Minecraft
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Minecraft: Education edition
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I can't sign in!
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I can't play with my friend. I can't join
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Minecraft Badges
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Minecraft EE crashing before open
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When Bees update
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Stopping students from hosting and multiplayer
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Custom Skins
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