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  • Joshua Bowman

    Do you have two versions of Minecraft Education installed at the same time? The connection issue can happen when that's the case

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    This what my translator gives me (I hope it is correct!) =]

    After purchasing and installing a computer (Windows 11), when you click log in (you cannot connect to the required service right now, please check your internet connection and try again), only a message window opens and you cannot move to the window where you can enter your ID (login required). window keeps popping up

    I will tell you my list of hints:

    Always be sure you have logged into whatever associated accounts you have. For me, that means making sure I have logged into Office 365, teams and OneNote, and here, on the site. maybe it makes no difference to anyone else, but I find it makes something happy somewhere. =P

    I agree with Joshua Bowman that a faulty install sounds likely after a new purchase. If nothing else works, try using add/remove programs and see if a reinstall after a restart helps.

    Check back and let us know when you are seeing progress! We'd love to hear from you again! 


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