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Code Connection error :"Update this application to latest version" with Minecraft for windows10



  • Barra Sweeney

    I have the same issue in Minecraft for Windows 1.19.2.

  • Gavin Stephenson

    I'm having the same issue. Any sign of a fix?

  • Fabio Lobao

    Still with problems in 1.19.2

  • Cleanestpoe Noob

    Waiting for update

  • Michael Naylor

    I have the exact same issue, please update Code Connect to work with the latest version of Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.2 and ensure ongoing compatibility.

  • Piotr Uryga

    Same here... super frustrating.
    Actually, the whole state of Minecraft Education is a big mess. I have serious problems running it on my son's PC which is managed by Family Safety. 
    Had to login as admin to even make Minecraft: Java Edition working. 

  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    We have had some users report that starting this week they are able to use Code Connection. Please check and see if there is any pending updates or if the issue has changed at all for you. Please bear with us. 

  • Vinita pandey

    Still Doesn't Work Pls Fix It


  • Rob Starling

    This is still broken for me in v1.19 as well. 

    However, I found a workaround for this issue (using the Bedrock Launcher to install v1.17) which worked for me:

  • 두영 윤

    I have tested in 2 seperate PC.

    And all failed.

    Minecraft Education Edition : 1.18.42

    Code Connection : 1.5

    Connection successful but should face the above "Update this application to latest version" message in Korean.

    Please let me know any solutions about this. It is very frustrating.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Gareth Martin

    Still the case in 2023 - 1.19 doesn't work either.

    It looks like MS have abandoned the code connection app for bedrock in favour of the built in coding in education edition (which is paid for separately).

    @Rob Starling's solution of going back to 1.17 worked, thanks for that.

  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    We have not abandoned Code Connection and are working on finding the issue and fixing it. 

  • OLegonD

    Considering that this error occured with the release of v1.18.30 on April the 19th 2022, it seems reasonable to either conclude by now that you aren't working very hard on fixing the issue and indeed have abandoned Code Connection,or to expect an update to Code Connection v1.50, or wherever the fault lies, pretty soon, don't you agree?

    People are continuing to buy Bedrock based on information still online and expecting to be able to code in MakeCode etc. through Code Connection.

    Hope for a fix soon!

  • Ernie Support

    Hey Leon,

    I addressed this in your ticket in a bit more detail earlier, but Code Connection is managed by the Franchise Minecraft team and tends to be a bit behind after version updates.


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