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Saving Minecraft World Bug



  • Elijah Pritchett

    Hello "Coco BB8",

    As a "current user" of beta, I will try to investigate this. (This may take some time.)

    Before I try to replicate this, Can you try to "define" the Difficulty and Gamemode?

    From, Elijah.

    (Edit: Oh! I forgot to mention, How long was your wait time(Amount of time away from the world)?)

  • COCO BB8



    I played on survival normal. The amount of time I was away was one hour, but it is usually the same result for whatever time I leave a world. Thanks!


    -COCO BB8

  • Elijah Pritchett

    Thanks for the information! I will get to it Right away!

    -This may take a bit...-

    (Edit: Just in case, Is there any minimum time needed to wait for? If so how long?)

  • COCO BB8

    Hi! So sorry for the delay... It really doesn't matter how long you wait, for me, it did not do any difference. My guess is that the game starts running while it is loading, so that might be why the time is "skipped"...

  • Hello “COCO BB8”,

    I regret to inform you but due to my mobile device (IPad) not configured to be able to install beta, I cannot do this such test upon it. Therefore, I must do tests tomorrow. Sorry for such delay.

    It’s best to check if the bug is replicatible. So that it can be more easily fixed.



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