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I can't leave the beta



  • Official comment
    Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    Can you explain what you mean by data tester? Are you referring to a Beta tester and are wanting to opt out of Betas?

    Here is information on how to stop receiving beta releases by platform:

      • Chromebook and Android users can choose to stop receiving future beta versions in the Play Store. See the Leave a beta program section on the Google Play Help site for information on how to opt out.
      • iOS users can visit the TestFlight page and scroll down to the Opting Out section for more details.
      • For Windows and macOS, uninstall the beta version of Minecraft Education and install the production version from the Minecraft Education download page.

        IMPORTANT! Export your worlds before uninstalling or they will be deleted. See the Importing and Exporting Your Worlds article for more information.

      • Andrew L

        Hi there William Estrella Mena. Could you clarify what you mean by leaving the beta? Are you trying to remove it from your chromebook or exit the app?

      • Itzgold youc

        You can leave beta by creating a account of Minecraft education

      • Andrew L

        Hi there Itzgold youc, in this case only IT admins or admins for a domain are able to create Minecraft: Education Edition accounts. This will not take a user out of beta.


        Hi, I recently joined the beta and I found out you can't join other people that are on non-beta, also I tried to leave but it said that beta was still installed so I uninstalled It and installed it again and it was still on beta! Is there a way to fix it??? Plz, Help!!!!

      • Danny Support
        Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

        Hey there!

        Go into your Programs, uninstall all versions of Minecraft Education after backing up your worlds, then reinstall the live version here:

        Let us know how things go!

      • I need help to stop being a data tester in Minecraft 


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