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Python Islands 3 - Unable to complete task: Find Spellbook



  • Getting the same issue with this one. Have tried every shelf in there!

  • Dave Clampitt

    My students found that it was the column on the righthand side of the magical books section.

  • I have students who still have this issue after checking all stacks and verifying the code is correct. 

    When they try to start a new world, the error persists. 


    What is the fix as they cannot move forward in the world without completeing this task??

  • Andrew Mulholland

    Christine Hogen-Esch I just took a look at the current version on the world library and can't seem to reproduce the issue mentioned in this post? We uploaded a fix for it a number of months ago now.

    Are you able to share the code you are trying?

  • Once you find the right shelf, have agent move back and place a block from its inventory.


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