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Help! bugs are found after 1.17.30 updated



  • Penny Support
    Bug Zapper Super Star Beacon of Knowledge Support

    Hello Sujin Lee thanks for reporting these issues.  

    • Are all of your students in the classroom on the same network, or are some of them at home?
    • When the join code expires after 3 hours, are students disconnected from the world?  Or is the issue that new players can't use the join code to enter the world? 
    • Does generating a new join code solve the problem?  You can click the button with the arrows to generate a new code.  This will not disconnect current players, but will create a new join code to give to allow players to join the world. 
    • The issue with minimizing the window and disconnecting the multiplayer session is being actively investigated.  You can follow this post to get the latest status:
  • Sujin Lee

    - In the environment I tested, everyone was not on the same network. but the same issues were found whether the networks were the same or different.
    - Students who are already connected will not be disconnected, but new players will not be able to enter the world using old code.
    - Using a new join code solves the problem, but since issuing a new join code every three hours is cumbersome, I wonder if there is any room for improvement.
    - The last issue appears to be a very old one. We are following all related issues, so please provide an accurate solution.


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