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Cannot place gold in Creative Clash Pirate Cove



  • Mark Dew

    Same here, also nobody found any gold underneath the X s 

  • Julie Simmons

    This was so frustrating today.  A total failure for our class of 20.  Nothing worked like it should in this world.  No gold.  No one could place gold. Stuck kids all over. bleh.

  • Bryan Sanders
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star Moderator

    Hmmm, I have not tried that world. I'll give it a go and report back. Sorry everyone here is finding failure! 

  • Mitchel Kempenich

    Hey guys! I found that some students were able to place Some gold. But the world is currently broken. There are additional issues as well; for example, the chest is too far down below the X, making it nearly impossible for students to collect enough gold within an allotted class period. The speed run is a fantastic concept, and I'm trying to work out a fix.

  • Curtis Kadow

    Hello! Just chiming in that all of these issues are still present. 

  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Thanks for the update Curtis! 

  • Alberto Carrera

    Hello! I want to say that this map idea is awesome but unfortunately does not work as it should. I had problems placing gold, with the crew and captain supplies, and also breaking some blocks even though I was using the diamond pickaxe, and I refer to blocks above the treasure. I hope you can fix it because the idea it is really fun but first it has to work. 

  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Thanks so much for the report! These are some bugs that are listed as known issues the team is aware of. 

  • Philip Wride

    Hey All.

    I've just used the Pirate Cove world in a schools tournament and we edited the world to make it a little easier for others.

    Here are some of the changes we made:

    - Changed the type of block in the 9 large treasure chests so that students can more easily place the gold blocks in those chests on top of the big pirate ship

    - Set the world to Hard

    - Reduced the depth of 24 of the dig spots (the main X spots) to 20 blocks deep instead of 80

    - Timer automatically has 15 minutes on it but can be increased/decreased using the control buttons

    - Keep inventory is set to false


    A few things we found while playing that it's important to note:

    - If players drop gold it will disappear (because it's magic pirate gold!)

    - If players die with the diamond pickaxe/cutlass they don't get another one from the captain's supplies

    - It is possible to have multiple pickaxes in your inventory if you collect from the crew supplies and then store in a barrel before picking up another one (then retrieve the extra from the barrel)

    - There are some hidden chests and dig spots around the island

    - Wooden pickaxe will overwrite anything else in inventory so get this first before collecting bread

    - Place gold blocks in the 9 chests before re-supplying so gold blocks don't disappear

    If you would like a copy of the world let me know. I also created a teacher handbook to support it.

  • Karen Stoodley

    I'd love a copy and the handbook please. I've been trying to use the current game with no success, and have put a couple of students on to editing the world. Did you fix the issue with not being able to place gold?  Or am I (and a bunch of other people) missing something here?

    My email is to send the world.  Many thanks...great potential but frustrating when I can't use it

  • Philip Wride

    Karen Stoodley please see below for some links to help you. And yes the most recent version of the world has been edited to make it easier to place the gold blocks in the 9 large treasure chests.

    The teacher handbook is linked here:

    And there's a short "cheat book" here for teachers:

    For a copy of the edited world you can use this link:

    Hope it helps!

  • Karen Stoodley

    Thanks so much for that...a few more questions for you.  I've only done a couple of trial runs with 2 or 3 students but have had a few problems. 

    How do you run this for a large group?  I've only just figured out that it is 1 team per world, if you have multiple worlds running so teams can compete, can you have students own the world and play in it too, without giving them unfair advantages (assuming cheats are off and they remain in survival etc)

    When I died, I respawned on the top deck and got stuck there...I couldn't find anyway off.  Did I just need to look harder or is this an error?

    I'll do another trial run with your world in the next few days and get back to you if I have any more questions

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Philip Wride this sounds great! I'd love to try this out, thanks. You can catch me on Twitter if possible, and of course, I am here.

  • Philip Wride

    Karen Stoodley - There are two ships in the world. The smaller one has a purple carpet in the middle and this is the admin ship where you can configure the world, and where players start before teleporting to the main game area. If you find yourself stuck on this ship you will need to teleport to the main game area. The larger ship is the one that has the 9 chests at the top of it and where students are meant to place their gold blocks to score points. There are stairs down from this area to inside the ship where players collect their supplies.

    If players get stuck on the smaller admin ship (sometimes if they aren't on the purple carpet at the start of the game they don't get teleported), I was teleporting them to 52 85 180 which are co-ordinates next to the 9 large chests on the top of the large ship.

    I think you can have 10 players in the world so it depends on how you want to run it for a larger group. We often had 2 host machines and ran them in parallel so each team had their own world to work within. The students could host themselves but it would be tricky because the host would need to press the start button and then teleport themselves to the main playing area on the big ship and potentially teleport themselves there every time they died.

    Hope that helps.


  • Karen Stoodley

    Just did a test run...whenever students die, they seem to respawn on the main ship on the purple carpet.  Is there a way to get off the ship without being teleported?

    Also is they only way to start the game to teleport myself over the barrier to the start button.  Such a great idea, but I'm really struggling with the application of it


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