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Powerwash Chromebooks to open M:EE



  • WOW! That sounds awful and also not common.

    I have a fleet of Chromebooks that can visit the Google Play Store, click Minecraft, and click update. And that's from the student user perspective -- they can update the game, no problem.

    I think you might have to have your IT staff adjust some user settings on the student user group.

  • Mary Phillips

    My students can visit the Google Play Store and install/update Minecraft. We tried updating the Chrome OS (and restarting) and reinstalling M:EE from the Play Store. Each time, students received a notice that they were not connected to the Internet. It wasn't until the Chromebooks were powerwashed that they worked. I wonder if this is a caching issue? Shooting in the dark because networks and hardware are typically not in my wheelhouse.

  • Dan Noble

    That doesn't seem accurate. 

    We also have a sizable fleet of chromebook that we run with Minecraft, generally without issue. The only time I've noticed problems is if the local storage on the chromebook is short on space. Local profiles can be cleared quite easily in the GSuite console which resolves the issue (and all our student data is stored in the cloud, so wiping local profiles isn't a problem). 

    I'd agree with Bryan Sanders (archived), there are also probably some settings that need to be checked. 

  • Hmm, I would not guess cache, I would likely look at permissions on the student group. Start there to make sure there isn't anything preventing them from making updates -- the install could look like it's updating but still be preventing the files from writing correctly to the hard drive.

  • Cornelius Krahn

    Hi Mary, I'm wondering if you had any resolution on this. We have a similar problem where local profiles are taking up space and aren't getting cleared when a user logs off the communal Chromebook. When a new user logs in, they can't because there's no more space on the local drive.


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