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.mcworld files incorrect for "Coding with Minecraft"



  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Kevin Lumley I have taken a while to look at these and I'm not really sure that the subsequent lessons are supposed to even have world files. Someone else who is more thoruoughly acquainted with these lessons should probably chime in, but as I recall these lessons are pretty self-contained and refer to coding tutorials and and activities that are very carefully and thoroughly explained in the educator guide that is included in the lower left-hand corner of the description.

    For instance on the Events lesson here:

    the External Reference section has an educator guide with everything you need to teach the concepts. I am not sure that you need anything but a flat world for it. Laylah Bulman

  • Kevin Lumley

    I found the world files, (but they are pretty bare-bone; I was hoping that they would contain direct links to open the tutorials in MakeCode that is INSIDE Minecraft: EE, rather than opening in a browser MakeCode and not connecting to Minecraft: EE (I tried the Code Connector Program, which while it connects, The links in the Unit PDFs have no way of transfering the tutorials inside of Minecraft: EE MakeCode.

    Any recommendation on how to open the tutorials in Minecraft: EE?

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Can you give me a few more details? If you open the tutorials in the makecode browser, after the code is complete, you can import the code into your game, not as a tutorial, but as completed code.

  • I am having the same problems. 

    The educator guides for the "coding with minecraft" units give a link to the tutorials - but this opens in a new browser, not in MEE. 

    ok, so I then copied that URL, opened MEE, pressed C, opened makecode, and attempted to upload that URL. 

    It doesn't work. says it's unsupported. 

    in futher exploration/invesitagtion, the URLS in the educator guides are noted as "unsupported content" eventhough it was written and published BY MINECRAFT. This is blocking the ability to import the tutorial into MEE...and is a massive PIA to have two windows open to follow the tutorial, but do all the coding in MEE. 

    additionally, there are numerous errors in the tutorials that are confusing students. 

    I want to use this curriculum, but i'm really unimpressed with how badly integrated things are. 

    In Coding FUNdamentals, all the tutorials are loaded in the world files so students do not need to split screen or toggle back & forth between MEE and a browser window. 


    what's the solution here? 

    Or should I stop wasting my time following the "Coding with Minecraft" curriculum?


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