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MEE resource packs



  • Dan Noble

    Mods, skins, and resource packs etc, are not supported with Minecraft: Education Edition. They are not vetted by our quality assurance teams and as such, they may corrupt your installation of Minecraft: Education Edition. Additionally, we cannot vouch for the safety of your device should the downloaded mods contain viruses, malware, or other damaging programs.

  • Shadi Amrani

    how come my friend downloaded a resource pack to his MEE

  • Flame Flame

    That must mean an important .json file is missing and MC:EE cannot read it. I guess you cannot use the pack because there is no manifest.

  • Ethan Anderson

    how do you download a resoures pack PLZZZ HELP if u got time

  • Andrew L

    Hi there Vlad Dash. Dan Noble is correct here. While in some cases you may be able to load a third party resource pack, Minecraft: Education Edition does not support these and we're unable to verify the integrity of these packs or your installation while using these packs. We recommend caution when using any third party tool with M:EE as we cannot vouch for the creators of these tools as well. 


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