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Setting Up an Ongoing Server (Like Realms)



  • Dan Noble

    Hi Taylor, 

    This is definitely one of the things on everyone's wish list of features. 

    Currently there is no server feature for Minecraft Education Edition. 

  • Andrew Mulholland

    Taylor Alexander so as mentioned yes, there is no official server version. It is possible to run the standard client on a virtual machine in the cloud for example, just do watch out for performance and the timeout issue.

    Performance wise, we have found that having any GPU on the machine the server is running on makes a massive difference to the CPU performance required. In our case, our long term server runs on an old desktop machine with a Skylake i5 processor onboard, making use of the intel integrated graphics. Getting even the integrated intel graphics working on that machine makes a huge difference to running MCEE.

    Account timeout is the issue you need to keep an eye on. Your account you use to host the server will time out with the Minecraft EE authentication servers every now and then. My hunch is it is roughly every week or 2, so you will need to close the game and log in once again say once a week. Once it has timed out, players trying to join will get the wrong school error.


    Finally, one other minor issue to consider, don't forget about backups... These need to be done manually by closing the server, then exporting the world. It does work, just unfortunately is a workflow requiring a person to actually hop on the server machine.


    Having run a MCEE server near 24/7 now since May 2020, I can confirm it is doable, just not as easy as a normal Bedrock/Java MC server...

  • Jacob Skousen


  • anonymous user

    We need servers...


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