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Join Codes



  • Andrew L

    Hi there Tara Hutchcraft. I apologize for the trouble here. Currently, after the join code is used and a student disconnects, the host needs to reboot their instance of Minecraft: Education Edition and re-host so that students can rejoin. We understand that this is frustrating and we appreciate your patience here.

  • Andrew Forgrave

    Hi Andrew-L -- I was just about to comment about this in the Dedicated Server thread, but thought to so a search on this issue first to see if it was documented anywhere.  I've been able to rejoin the same world multiple times using the same join code over a span of a day or so, but the join code then seems to time out after a while, requiring a refresh at the hosting machine.  

    I'm looking to keep a world open and hosted to simulate a server for long-term projects. Any information that can help with this would be appreciated! 


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