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Setting Game Mode for Students



  • Dan Noble

    Hi David, 

    As far as I know, it's not possible to change specific zones in a world the way you're thinking (although I think that would be pretty cool). 

    I think the best approach would be to use Deny blocks under any structures/areas you don't want them to change. You can probably use a /fill command to achieve this quickly. Anything above the deny blocks can't be altered while the game is set to worldbuilder status: False. 




  • David Conover

    Hello Dan.

    I have so many lesson sites that I don't want altered it would be huge undertaking to place deny blocks at this point.  Hmm.  Back to the drawing board.  Thanks as always.

  • Robert David Reed

    You can use a command block to do what you want by making it detect when a player is in a certain area and nothing happens but when they are in the area you want them to build it automatically makes them a world builder so they are in creative and can build, but if they leave the specified zone then the command block will put the player back in survival and out of world builder mode.


    To get a command block you must have cheats enabled and type in the chat this command: /give @s command_block


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