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My map



  • Official comment

    Adam Michael Zhao

    Thanks for reaching out and I love the enthusiasm for your maps. Currently Minecraft: Education Edition does not officially support any mods, skins, texture, or add-on packs. This version of the game is for in-class use with a teacher on a school network with more security features. The team is always looking for ways to add extra content to the game and they know this is a highly sought after request. If there are any new additions or changes to the game we will post them on our official web page!

  • Entity _303

    I saw that minecraft edu supports all forge based mods. Is this true?

  • Dan Noble

    Minecraft Education Edition does not support mods that were developed for the consumer Bedrock and Java editions. 

    There is often some confusion when referring to Minecraft EDU and Minecraft Education Edition. Minecraft Education Edition is the current Mojang/Microsoft release, where as Minecraft EDU was an early external development (Java based) that was purchased by Mojang and became unsupported after Minecraft Education Edition was launched. 


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