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Port Forwarding From Home



  • Official comment

    Julian RANIERI

    Thanks for reaching out with this. Minecraft: Education Edition does not support servers at this time. You can host a multiplayer game from home, but this version of the game was optimized for use in the classroom on the same network. Depending on various home network settings, ISP rules, firewall/security settings of the host/user computers can all effect whether or not you can connect from home. I will link to the settings information page for you. As for tutorials on port forwarding itself it depends on your situation/devices, there are great tutorials available online!


  • Gareth Poon
    Bug Zapper

    Hi, I'm a teacher and I'm trying to set up port forwarding so that I can host builds remotely with students.

    I tried following your port forwarding instructions, but my Telus router has different settings from your instructions.

    Here's a screenshot:

    Does this look correct? The instructions talk about a start and end port, but it doesn't say anything about external or internal.

    Also, I was able to set it up for TCP, but it gave me an error for UDP (because it said the port was already being used).

    Can you please let me know how to configure this Telus router properly? Thank you!


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