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Feature Request: Remove border block exploits and effects



  • Official comment

    BJ CJ

    Thank you so much for the feedback. Those types of exploits are something we definitely do not want you to have to deal with in a classroom setting. I will pass this along to the development team! Thank you again for being part of the Community!

  • BJ CJ

    Thanks for responding. Hopefully this will be dealt with in future releases. I know for teachers that are inexperienced using Minecraft:EE this will make a difference. 

  • Victor Rajewski

    +1 to disable potions (have had the same problems with invisibility and griefing).

  • Eric Martinez

    Until it Happens there is a clue in the potions to see a person invisible and at least know where they could be either you listen closely for footsteps or you watch for an effect that is kind of like smoke but its a loop instead coming of, of the players model


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