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Custom Player Skins

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  • Official comment
    Minecraft EDU Team

    Good news everyone - we are moving the status of this request, "Custom Skins," to Planned! This means we are adding new skins and also starting the first steps of bringing Bedrock's Character Creator to EDU. What new skins do you think we should add? 

  • I wouldn't agree more.

    I could add to these skins also elder and children so we can work citizenship and social rights.

  • Kyle M

    7/12: Adding in Luca's post to also include the ability to upload skins as well :)


    Great suggestion! Thank you.

  • Rustin Bargo

    Skins are a way for students to be creative.  It would be awesome if there were some way to customize the skins so each one was a little different.  Kind of like the character creation bits at the beginning of a lot of the role playing games the kids play so much.

  • George Banner

    I would like the students to be able to customize their skins to make their characters more like them.

  • Kyle M

    Yeah sure I bet that you're not even the real person and this is just an autoreply because it's been 2 YEARS and there are still none of your promised features. Don't just say you'll do something and then not care enough to actually do it. So many students want custom skins and features and you say that you're going to add them, but you're too lazy to actually do it. I don't know if you've ever played Java minecraft, but it's infinitly better than education edition already so the LEAST you could do is hear us out and fufill your promises.

  • Milo Wearn

    Actually, some of the skins have these custom parts. Maybe there could be a way to add these to skins?

  • Minecraft EDU Official


    Just wondering if it is possible to install graphics mods in the MC education edition version. If so how do I go about doing this?

  • Minecraft EDU Official

    Can I get custom player heads in this edition? If so, how? 

  • Hunter Bright

    could you add it custom skins in ps4

  • Minecraft EDU Official
    Austin Bennett's comment, "so we can add skin from skindex" here for Custom Skins. Austin, we'd love to know specifically what you like about using Skindex so we can learn about best ways to design for M:EE?
    Hunter Bright thanks for sharing! Are you talking about Minecraft: Education Edition?
  • Emma Wingreen I am adding your great feedback here with the ongoing conversation so our team can see it! 

    Hi there! I'm currently teaching Minecraft Education Edition as an after school club and my students love it.

    I want to give feedback about the character options (skins?). Most of my students are Black and/or Latino and there is a very limited selection of characters who look like them. There are a few non-white characters in most of the skin packs but a few, including "Town Folk" and "City Folk", are all white. Characters like the judge, lawyer, pilot, and scientist are only available in the lightest skin tone. I'm wondering what message this sends to my students and other Minecraft players.

    I want my students to be able to play Minecraft as any character they want and specifically one that looks like them. I am educating a diverse group of students to be the next generation of computer programmers and I'm hoping Minecraft can get on board. Feel free to contact me directly at if you want to discuss further. Thanks!

  • Minecraft EDU Official
    can you please add the ability to upload custom skins
  • Why can we not choose normal skin?

    Sofia Peay
    Sofia Peay adding your comment here! You can see some of the discussion and reasoning behind custom skins. We appreciate your voice though!

    Why can we not use our normal skins? I'm doing homeschool and I play this game I have a question why cant we not choose different skins? and also another question can you make it so there is mods and packs and make it so people can just type in a world name and join it??? That's all from me bye.

  • Minecraft EDU Team

    @Drake Seach adding your comment below! Please see the thread for more updates.
    14 hours ago
    Everybody is wishing that custom skins would come to Minecraft Education Edition just like it is on Minecraft Pocket Edition

  • Atharv Dhiman thank you for your thoughts, we have added them here along with the thread on custom skins. Please read the top of the thread for our latest update on custom skins - we actively share our thoughts with developers and your voice matters!
    2 hours ago
    I am playing Minecraft Education Edition for 1 year and I have been playing Minecraft Java Edition for 6 months . I have noticed that there are custom skins in java but not in education . I have played the trial for bedrock and we can add custom skins in it . education edition's layout is based on the bedrock edition . so please give us an option to add custom skins and mods . I have also noticed that education edition is 2 step behind java and bedrock edition in updates . Can you add an option to change the version of education and please update the version of education as cave update is gonna come and my friends who don't have java or bedrock are crying because they don't have the nether update in education . please add the nether update in education . I hope you see my request and add the following things I said . We would be pleased if you update our version of Minecraft and add custom skinsthe education edition is 1 step behind java and bedrock edition . I mistakenly said 2 step behind

  • Minecraft EDU Official

    custom heads

    • I would think custom heads would be impossible 
      The reason why I think this is because in java there are NBT tags so to get a custom head in java is something like

      /give <target> <name of skull(totally depends on version ex: player_skull, skull)>{"SkullOwner":"<name of player's head you want>"}

      (the command depends on version too)

      most other Minecraft types including education, edition do not have NBT tags 
      We do not have custom skulls but there is some type of component I'm not entirely sure what that does


      Hi Chance FieldsZachary Neal is correct, due to the difference between Minecraft: Education Edition and the java edition, Minecraft: Education Edition, does not support custom heads or custom skins. I hope this helps!

  • Minecraft EDU Official

    Custom skins

    Ezekiel Mitchell I'm adding your feedback here to this custom skin thread. Thank you for your vote!

    Can you please add custom skins that would make the game so much better and fun for the students and for the kids who play it for fun.

    • Ayyyyyyy let’s go I want this to happen

    bruh i need coston skins or i will delete this game forever and never play agen and i will leave a 5 star reviw and people will agre

  • Suggestion

    We should be enable to edit skins

  • Anh Luong thanks for your feedback! You can see others who are discussing this suggestion as well.

  • We should make our own skins

    Because I have some skins that I want to post but I can’t

  • XxCryingChildxX

    Can the creators add shaders and custom skins along with the texture packs please it would be cool to add these and over all fun!


    i wish there is new skins and we can make the skinns but we can't make any skins in minecraft education editioni hope minecraft education edition will let us make our own skins

  • Adding mods


    "Hello! I think it would be nice to be able to add CurseForge and/or Crayfish mods to our world without having to try and add and change files"


    Thanks Tyanna Toviessi thanks for this feedback!

  • NEW SKINS and holding animals


    Can we please make the players hold objects, other players and mobs on their head please? Also can you make it so that we can design our own skins on there or upload skins. Thank you.

  • David Richard

    You can download some different skins / mob skins by looking for .mcpacks ( download it and put it in the MCEE folder.


    Or you can be adventurous and create your own,  Skinseed,

    Just make sure you save it as a .mcpack and upload it.  Super simple and quite fun.  Here I made some for my STEAM classes.

  • Tyanna Toviessi

    When you say "save it as .mcpack" Do you mean to just create a folder in your files?

  • Texture packs


    I'm not sure about you, but I think texture packs would be great. It shows the world in a completely different way. That is why I think this would be a good idea.

    -Thanks Joseph for sharing specific reasons why this would be helpful to you. Please subscribe to this thread for the latest updates!

  • Mods?

    Jayevier Mendiola Jayevier Mendiola please review the thread above for your answer.

    Will you guys ever add the feature to add mods into MC:EE, i would love to download mods that add a diverse amount of Mobs, Structures, etc.


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