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Managing Students in Minecraft Education Edition with PowerShell



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    Kyle M

    Wow Luke, this is awesome, thanks for sharing!


  • Whetu Paitai

    I love shell scripts.. this should come in real handy bud! I will try out at school and let you know how it goes.

    Note, for the non-technical peoples out there, some pictures accompanying your instruction page would go a looooonng way :)

    Awesome work though!

  • Luke Gackle

    Appreciate the feedback Whetu, there's definitely some technical experience required in getting these setup, not to mention the administrator requirements for installing the PowerShell modules, I understand that many people will struggle with this requirement but for those that can take advantage and get these scripts set up its definitely a big help when it comes to managing the licenses and preventing kids from logging in from home.

  • Paul Allen

    I've been looking into this and it's a great idea. I've just spent about 2 weeks learning how to use it. However I thought it was free for schools to use but it's not and can't be used across any other Minecraft platform which is what every student I teach has. That is really very disappointing. I would use it to get students to work on projects and they would love it, but they won't do it if they have to get another version to do so. I can tell you that it is very unlikely that I will convince anyone at work to pay for it as it will work out at about £4000 per year. As ever money is tight in schools, especially when it comes to disadvantaged children and it just won't be risked. So close but no cigar I'm afraid.

  • Hola Luke, he revisado tus publicaciones y son de mucha ayuda. Por cierto, debo consultar. ¿siempre que se compra una licencia de Minecraft por $5.00 anual se recibe también una licencia de docente? no entendí esto en una de tus publicaciones, que en la tienda al comprar licencias de Minecraft, Microsoft te añadía cuentas de docente? Quizás entendí mal pero lo consulto porque estoy entre tomar esa opción o subir el nivel de las cuentas de Oficce de A1 a A3 para obtener Minecraft en la escuela.

    Gracias por tu ayuda y la de todos.


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