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  • Official comment
    Kyle M

    Thanks Kristofor! Please feel free to include a list of commands and their value, and I can ensure the larger team sees your ideas.

  • Mr. Edwards

    Thanks for your reply Kyle. This version of Minecraft feels like a bait-and-switch with all the features that are missing from it. The commands I mentioned in my previous comment would add a lot of small group challenges and activities to my classes. In addition to those commands, enabling spectator mode would make creating worlds much easier and faster for me as I would be able to get a better view of things. These are all features I was use to having in the MinecraftEDU version. 

  • Ben Shelley

    Please add a Ban or Kick command. This is vital and surely cannot be that hard to implement.

  • Grace Warta

    Are there any commands you can use to shrink in edu or normal Minecraft?

  • Manu Marhé

    Could you guys add the Spectator Mode from java edition? It would be so helpful with all of my builds. Especially for places that are very hard to reach or for building underground! Please leave a comment, it would help a lot!

  • Ivan Rincon

    can you add spetator mode in minecraft edu edition.Please 

  • Bryan Sanders
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star Moderator

    Spectator mode is needed. Agreed! 

  • Daniel Choi

    Pleese we definitly need spectator on MC:EE please


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