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The Chromebook Release (version 1.14.31) feedback thread




  • Official comment

    Rohollah Muhammadi

    Thanks for reaching out. You must have a valid Office 365 Education login to be able to play. These are typically given to you by your school or teachers. If you do not have one you will not be able to login to Minecraft: Education Edition. If you have one you can just download the game on to your supported device and use your school credentials to login and play. 

    Get Started with Minecraft: Education Edition on Chromebooks

  • Peter Knierim

    We were running the beta version on our chromebook with no issue. After updating to 1.14.31 we can't seem to login. MEE loads up to the "sign-in or demo page". when we click sign-in, it says "sign-in required" and moves through a couple of screens. I assume this is were it would jump to the mircosoft login screen but it just cycles back to a "sign-in required" screen saying "we cannot connect to the service you need right now. Please check your internet connection and try again". This screen has a sign-in button and when clicked it just cycles back to the same page. I am posting this on the same chromebook and there is no issue with out internet.

  • Minecraft EDU Team

    Peter Knierim did you get things to work out?

  • Benjamin Buur

    Is the chromebook edition thingy, compatible with Chrome OS? 

    (Chrome OS is the software a Chromebook runs on)

  • AdamS

    Benjamin Buur

    Thanks for reaching out with your question. Yes Minecraft: Education Edition is now available on certain Chromebooks that are running Chrome OS 83 or higher. You can find out more information by clicking the links in the first post of this thread.

  • Benjamin Buur

    Chrome OS 83???

    I only know the software Chrome OS?

    Btw, the google play store just says something about it couldn't read the page, when I am on my Chromebook...

  • Penny Support
    Bug Zapper Super Star Beacon of Knowledge Support

    Benjamin Buur -  Your Chromebook will be running a version of Chrome OS that is assigned a number, and if the number is 83 or higher your device should be supported.  You can learn more about downloading and installing Minecraft: Education Edition by reading this article:  Get Started with Minecraft: Education Edition on Chromebook

  • Vikram Harinath

    So is there any progress with getting Minecraft Education Edition on Chromebooks working on school networks that use a proxy server?


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