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Convert Minecraft PC worlds



  • M:EE Support
    Thanks for your question. Worlds built in other versions of Minecraft (including Minecraft EDU) will not port over to Minecraft: Education Edition and are not a currently supported feature. Worlds built in Minecraft: Education Edition are able to be imported/exported to other copies of Minecraft: Education Edition on different machines, however. Worlds built in Minecraft: Education Edition are not able to be exported to other editions of Minecraft.

    With regards to world locations:
    Where “USERNAME” is below, that’s the user account on the machine, so whatever someone uses to log into the machine, not into Minecraft: Education Edition.

    PC: Look in C:\Users\(USERNAME)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftEducationEditionBeta_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds

    MacOS: Look in HD > Users > > Library > Application support > Minecraftpe > Games > com.mojang

    Worlds are stored with an extension of .mcworld, so if you are not entirely sure you can also search the files on the machine using that extension. Note, some of these folders may be hidden!

    This information is also available on our Basic Troubleshooting page (, for future reference.

    Hope that helps.
  • iLearningUK
    The above information is not accurate.
    Worlds created in Java Minecraft CAN be converted in to Bedrock edition (Win10, MCPE, MC:EE) and opened in each respective platform.

    What is currently correct, is that once the world is in MC:EE, you can't convert it back to Java, Win10 or any other version. So edit as much as you can in MCEdit, or using World Edit on Java... then convert using my handy video available below...

    Convert java Minecraft to Bedrock edition

    Other videos about finding world files on a Mac, PC for Java/EE can be found here on my playlist too.
  • Thanks
  • Kristen Healy
    Actually, I did figure it out.

    (1) You can make worlds with MCedit.

    (2) then use the Anvil to LevelDB converter

    (3) compress the files into a zip folder. When you compress, compress the files, and not the folder, as you don't want an addition subdirectory

    (4) change the .zip to .mcworld, and then it will upload into Education edition
  • Robert Lee III

    OK i cannot get this to work, i have a great world i need to convert but i cannot get it to work.   Can anyone help?

  • Kristen Healy

    Robert Lee III.  You can feel free to email me, and I can try to walk you through it.  Email is


  • Hello,

    Why is this done with this education edition ?

    Why i cannot import levels in other minecraft editions?

    And why i must register a school to get the lessons for my kid ?

    There must be some reason, can someone state it?


    Can I buy a lesson for my minecraft?

  • Tim Longman

    iLearningUK - I can't find my files (despite your video) - I am on Win7 (i know) with EE version 1.14.31  - has this changed now? I have some great old Minecraft EDU worlds and I want to convert them to use in EE


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