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Simplify Player Permissions Settings



  • Thanks Simon! I think this is a great idea, let's spec it out a bit more. Can you describe a bit more what settings would be most relevant in your opinion? What would be a better way for a teacher to set things up the way they need them? For example, would you recommend we create a guided experience for setting up a new world that allows a teacher or student to pick from 3-4 different options for configurations to start with?

  • There are times where we want students to be able to create and times we want them to consume.  There are also things we need to protect in a world and things we need to be editable.  It may be a permissions issue but it could just as easily be a block abilities issue.

    For example, we may need students to be able to place NPC's to create a narrative but also need to protect the NPC's WE have placed giving instructions etc.  Likewise with boards, posters and slates.

    We sometimes want students to be able to place boards and NPC's but still have them obey the border blocks and deny/allow block rules.

    It would make it easier if world/player settings were exported with a world and could only be changed by someone with a faculty account.  It would also make it easier if student accounts were not allowed break MEE blocks (slates, npc's, borders etc) if they are placed by a faculty account.  Not sure how possible this is in practice.  Ha.

  • Heather McAfee

    To continue a 6 year old conversation:

    It would be great to be able to simplify a lot of the classroom setting configurations into a single 'ruleset template'.

    For example, when planning a lesson focused around building, a setting that turns off TNT, Fire Spreads, Player vs Player damage settings (among others, always day, perfect weather etc..) all with one toggle, would be useful.

    Being able to make our own ruleset templates to use with new worlds would save time when creating multiple new worlds. Including existing, simplified versions of these might also help educators new to minecraft who want to strip the settings back and reduce unecessary hassle from students trying to disrupt.


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