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Older Version Downloads



  • Kyle M
    HI Antony, thanks for reaching out!

    We don't make older versions of the client accessible because we no longer support them and they tend to actually have a lot of bugs. It will be best to ensure everyone is on the most recent version :)

    Apologies on any inconvenience.

  • Antony
    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate that the older versions have bugs and that it's not supported but schools don't always have the facilities, or capacity to update all devices between sessions when there is an ongoing project which relies on networking devices.

    In my case, I wasn't made aware that the app had been updated on some devices and not on others - there was no visible pop-up or message to say that some devices had updated - this facility would be helpful in future. I think many teachers would appreciate the ability to delay an update too so that they don't run into similar issues to me. If this facility already exists I apologise for my ignorance.

  • Jan Lewis

    Interesting. Trying to find v1.7.1 for MacOS (the download button only gives me 1.7.0). I made a world on a Windows machine in 1.7.1 and need to open it on a Mac but the import file says it can't open it because "it's been saved in a newer version". Do you know if 1.7.1 exists for MacOS yet and if so where to find it? 


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