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A Way for students & teachers to kick a player off a multiplayer game




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    Kyle M

    I agree with Stephen, this is a great idea. A teacher/admin command and control center is one of our top pieces of feedback and we are actively exploring solutions.

    BTW that boundary block jail, is a very creative patch, I will share this with others!



  • I think this is a great idea, is another possible solution a 'whitelist' of users that are allowed to join?

  • I agree to this needs to be added.

  • Ben Shelley

    This should be top priority. Teaching minecraft is a nightmare in my inner-city school.

  • Vikram Harinath

    Please can we have this implemented.

    Curious as to why a /kick command wasn't implemented in the first place.

    Could I also add:

    We need a /ban command that will ban a player for say 10 minutes up to 1 day. This is needed to for kids who are either joining servers they are not meant to or causing problems repeatedly.

    We also need the ability to /unban a player as well to allow that player back in the server.

  • Fabian van

    We need target selectors for this, not only kick someone by name, but by tag or something and also kicking from command blocks. That way I could kick someone who triggers a pressure plate for example.

  • Vikram Harinath

    Bryan Sanders (archived) this was more in relation to managing behaviour which is both proactive and reactive. Proactive would be going through essentially Digital Citizenship guidelines with students with them agreeing (I have had students sign a contract) to act a certain way.

    If students happen to break those rules then consequences are required. This need to be varied from dialogue (referring back to their Digital Citizenship contract) all the way to reactive strategies (kick, temp ban, etc)

    As a side note - the original post was from a couple of years ago and was referring to a way to manage students joining servers they shouldn't be joining (e.g. a student - not in your class - suddenly appears on a server you are hosting which means the only option is to kick them off the server since they aren't in your class, or even in your school, to have a dialogue with). Since the introduction of passcodes etc this has reduced considerably.

    Other things such as having students join in to a "waiting room" type area from which they are then moved - by the teacher - into the world to start building; creating a "timeout zone" for students misbehaving whilst in the world; etc. are all valid approaches.

  • Irene Roghani

    I agree, bad students in my school sometimes secretly figure out the join code, join the world, then began destroying it. And yes, your right, press / on your keyboard to open the command window (same thing as pressing t, then typing /) Then, type "kick {player's username}" (/ is already typed) Just remember that only operators can type commands.

    You can also use "/setmaxplayers {number}" to limit the number of players that can join (You can set 1-30)


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