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Ability to customize villagers with items, materials, gender etc.



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    Kyle M

    Thank you for the contribution Leticia! A villager update is definitely something that is in the pipeline :) 

  • I've figured out how to trade with villagers. Let me know og you're still interested.

  • Evgenii Permiakov

    I've been working on Minecraft Entrepreneurship world for a year now, and I think I soon will be able to share it with the community. It will have many solutions to the questions people ask e.g. how to check for specific number of items in the inventory, how to set up a trading/banking system, etc.

    This week I had a chance to test it out with students. This is a little preview:

    My plan is to make sure the world is bug-free (as it involves a lot of transactions) and then share it with the MEE community. Meanwhile, please let me know what features/operations related to MEE economy / entrepreneurship you would like to have, and I will try my best to incorporate them into the final build. Thanks!

  • Trinity Ahie

    How long is "in the pipeline"?

    This should not be taking this long. The ability to customize trades with villagers or add trading to NPCs should be done ASAP.


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