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Off campus access to school server



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    Kyle M

    HI Nate,


    Those "servers" would need to be actual PC's or iPads. The students home networks would also need to have port 19132 opened. 

  • Nate Simons

    Thanks for the response, Kyle. In my own testing between home and school, this isn't working. 

    I have one world server on a PC and another on a Mac Mini (two different classes, two different worlds) at school. Each of those machines has a fixed IP that is assigned to two separate external IP addresses. I've got port 19132 open through our school firewall and I opened the port on my router at home. I have dummy accounts running on those computers all the time so kids can connect without me (I also have the Classroom app running just because).

  • following ;-)


  • Philip Mosley

    While this may not be a 100% official way of doing things, I have had success with my students teaching them how to use Hamachi, by LogMeIn to create a VPN between their home computers allowing them to behave as if they are on the same Local Area Network.  The free version of Hamachi allows for up to 5 simultaneous connections to the "Host" computer.  I don't have the ability to make any of our computers face the outside world here, but Hamachi has given me access to my work computer from home successfully, and I don't have to teach my students anything about port forwarding and such.

    Our web filter prevents me from accessing most of the tutorials you could find online, but a simple "Minecraft Hamachi" google search should yield plenty of results as this method works for other editions of MC, as well.

    Hope this helps in some way.

  • Would it be possible to create a VM in Azure. Install Minecraft on it and let the kids connect to it through their 365-account?


  • Nate Simons

    The Azure idea sounds like a great one BUT wouldn't the pricing start to get high leaving it on all the time?

  • Sorry, I was at the Educator Exchange in Paris ;-) I think it is possible to choose when you start the server and when not. You only pay for the moments it is working...

    Microsoft should provide a way to set up a server, so that we can collaborate from different locations (even over the world!)

  • This may be a bit late but I think you need to set up port forwarding set up on your router so that the packets sent through port 19132 go to the MC server.  Otherwise there is no way for your router to know where to send the packets to.  Off course as Kyle said the 19132 port also needs to be open on the client (student devices).


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