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World Painter in minecraft edu



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    Kyle M

    Hi James,

    M:EE will not work with World painter. You could use it in Bedrock and them open the world in M:EE though.

  • James Trudeau

    Is there any kind of editor that works with MC EDU like world painter did?

    Failing that, could you explain what you mean a bit?  Is "Bedrock" simply the latest edition of Minecraft?

  • Kyle M

    Hi James,

    There is not an editor like that for the Education Edition. Bedrock is the consumer version of the game, which does allow for some editing tools. Go ahead and submit a request if you want to go deeper on this. Thanks!

  • This would be very helpful if you guys could add this.  I have several teachers at my school who would get great use out of this program.  It was unfortunate that this was the thread we found whenever we were trying to import our worlds. :(

  • Matt Iles

    I cannot believe this doesn't already exist.  We need a world painter to create worlds for specific modules.  It must be easy to use for a teacher to create usable worlds.

  • Jonathan Eversole

    Yes, Please fix this

  • It would be fantastic to have World Painter Edu! Teachers need to be able to quickly build specific worlds for their students. For example we are trying to recreate our local area using google earth data...could do this for bedrock but not edu? Seems a bit backwards to me

  • Sean Creamer

    Is this still an issue? Are there any world builder apps that would work?

  • Mac Henry

    Dear Microsoft and Minecraft Team,

    If I were you I would prioritize this. Being able to create real-world features fast with WorldBuilder is a must.

    Please rethink how to make this feature work smoother.

    Thank you for all the effort you have already put into the epic teaching tool! Your all rock!!


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