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World Edit Commands



  • Kyle M

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for posting. Those would most likely need to be added in Bedrock first. However, I will be sure to resurface the issue with the larger team.


  • Milky Waffles

    how do i use world edit?

  • i don,t now

  • I wrote a little typescript that tries to mimic some commands from WorldEdit. It is still work-in-progress, but my students are working with it now and they love it. Especially because it decreases the time to build by roughly 90% or so. 

    Maybe I'll post a YouTube video if there is an demand for a short tutorial on how to use this MakeCode script.

    You can download a release from Github: TheBeems/pxt-worldBuilder: Script to make building inside Minecraft:Education Edition a little easier. Inspired by, and similar as WorldEdit for Minecraft. ( You have to import it into the MakeCode editor inside Minecraft Education Edition.

  • Tom Perazzo

    ok - how does this work?

  • Worldedit is a plugin for Java Minecraft, not Minecraft: Education Edition. I do recommend it for Java!

  • Quinn Flitton

    thanks a lot those commands saved me a hole lot of time

  • Brian Weiss

    Mathijs, any chance you were able to make a tutorial video for your code? I just started playing around with it but I certainly don't know what I'm doing! 

    Quinn, maybe you could give a few pointers. Is there a ways to add or remove areas of land like a paintbrush?

    Thank's guys. Here's hoping for a solid WorldEdit feature! 

  • Hunter Youngblood

    I play the minecraft education edition at school and i get tired of placing the blocks by hand i need to know how to get the world edit plug in for my minecraft edu pocket edition account and how to install it

  • Bryan Sanders
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star Moderator

    Ah, yes. Good 'ol WorldEdit! Would love it for MCEDU! Would love lots of plugins for MCEDU!

    We will get there . . . . one day . . . . 

    Meanwhile, you can toy around with AmuletMC to sculpt worlds.

  • Aleece Landis
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    I think I saw somewhere that some kid had actually programmed some almost world edit like code into his agent.

    There may also be a few addons that will give a little bit of world edit like functionality that may sort of work in Education Edition, at least I found a couple that did a year or so back.  I've not used any of it in 1.18.

    But none of that is "supported" by Minecraft Education so you would of course be doing it at your own risk.

  • Bryan Sanders
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star Moderator

    It's really the sculpting of terrain and big layouts for structures that I think most people would benefit from right away -- perhaps we could ask for some tools that allow OPs to do such things. And the /undo!


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