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  • Slayde Kerner

    Also please add a "Check for updates"! As sometimes they don't update themselves and I have to go through the process of re sending the file to the computer and installing it.

  • William Pearson


    Came in Monday morning, with a new lesson I planned and worked through, only to find half the lab couldn't run Minecraft EE. Chaos prevailed as I tried to troubleshoot individual workstations, and found that both versions 1.12.5 AND 1.12.60 were installed on the problem machines. 1.12.5 hadn't uninstalled completely and 1.12.60 hadn't installed completely, so neither would run. On certain user accounts on some machines, the app had disappeared completely (???). I found that on the ones that ran the Jan. 2020 Cumulative update and the .NET framework update BEFORE opening Minecraft, updated and ran fine. I had several students report that this also happened at home from their WIN10 machines.

    I spent 3 hours after school deleting local user accounts, uninstalling all versions of MEE, running all WIN10 updates, making new local accounts, then reinstalling MEE from the admin account to all users. This worked on all computers but one that I'm still banging my head against. WHHHYYY must it be this difficult?

    MS/Mojang please don't go the way of g00gle and push out constant updates without warning that (potentially) cost lost work and down time...

  • Kyle M

    Hello Everyone,

    A visual indicator during the update is great feedback I will absolutely be sure to pass along. Thanks!

    We put out an in-game message that an update was coming and we also announce it via our Twitter:

    Here also is some info on how the updates work: 


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