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Command blocks



  • Slayde Kerner


    Command Blocks are already in Education Edition. They cannot be found in the creative menu.

    Use this command to get them :

    /give @p command_block

  • Turtle Youth

    I think we should have a map where we learn about command blocks. I'd think that would change a lot about Minecraft Education Edition. It could teach us how to make a presser plate when stepped on, summon something or teleport you. I don't know I just think that would be really cool.

    So I think making a map where we learn about Command blocks would be really cool.

    To, Mojang.

    From, Don.


  • Dan Noble

    Hi Turtle Youth

    The best resource I've found for describing the use of commands is here. It details how they work in Education Edition which often varies significantly from how they work in Java and bedrock. 

    I've done a fair amount of work with command blocks, so if there's something specific you'd like to know how to build, just ask! 

  • CSK .

    Hey Dan Noble,

    Considering you have mentioned having a good knowledge with command blocks.
    I need a small help regarding the use of Command Blocks.

    Soo I'm hosting this Academic Event, where I wanted to do this thing where
    Once the player completes a certain task, a command block should be triggered where a Key (Written Book) should be given to them to progress to the next level)

    Is there a way to input this in a code form via a Command Block? or even provide how to shift items from a chest to a player's inventory?

    The idea I'm basing this on is from the Graduation Ceremony Map in MC: Edu (incase you want to have a look at it)
    There are many functions they use (which I am not very experienced it, and there's not enough time to learn it in a short period of time.
    If you could reply to this sooner and help as well, It would be great!
    /give @p command_block

  • Dan Noble

    Hi CSK .

    That's actually something I've been trying to accomplish with command blocks for a while. The complex syntax that allows it in Java versions of the game doesn't work in Education Edition unfortunately. 

    I've seen a some very cool worlds such as those produced by Immersive Minds (which incidentally I'd recommend checking out) and the Minecraft Education Team that have functions like these built into them, but much of it is down a technical path beyond that uses techniques in addition to command blocks that I haven't had time to explore in great detail (one of these days). 

    That said, I found some creative ways (much as in the Graduation Ceremony map) to build functionality which achieves or approaches the desired results. If you change the settings in said world to Creative and enable wordbuilder, you'll be able to remove the blocks to see the underlying techniques used to create the door mechanism. What you'll find is that placing any object into the hopper will activate the door, not just the door key. 

    I have myself have used the /testfor block command to create relatively elaborate puzzles. Players need to place specific block types (which will have been given to them or that they had to find) in specific places to active a hidden door or open a path. 

    I find that this site does a good job of explaining commands for the Education Edition. 

    I hope this helps, but feel free to reach out again if you'd like some specific examples. 

  • Flame Flame

    If you want I could make a long map explaining how different commands work and even show how to give enchanted / already named items using commands. I've made a shop system in bedrock edition with my knowledge and I would be happy to create a map to explain how to make different systems without using /function commands (because they are a bit more complex).


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