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*Minecraft Education Login Issues*



  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey there!

    Sorry to hear you are running into some issues logging in to you school account. 

    I would recommend reaching out to your school's IT admin about this issue. They will be able to help you get sorted especially if the Chromebook is a school issued device. 

  • Seizo Ishine

    I faced a similar issue. But I managed to fix it.
    I'm not sure if this will apply to your case, but I think it's worth a try.

    In my case, my PC (Windows) was using a static IP address, something like
    Changing this to another static IP, such as, helped me avoid login troubles.

    If you're using DHCP and don't know your current IP address,
    assigning a static IP address might work.
    Although I haven't tested this scenario above, I assume it could solve the problem.

    (As a side note)
    Before arriving at this solution of changing the IP,
    I tried various methods such as .....
        --- Reinstalling the software
        --- Deleting related registry entries,
    but all attempts failed.

    However, since the issue did not occur on a different PC, I thought of the above solution.

    How about trying it?
    I hope this helps solve your problem.


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