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Inconsistent code execution speed



  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey there!

    Sorry to hear you are running into some issues.

    What kind of device and OS version are you on?

    Are you playing in single player or multiplayer?

  • Joshua Bowman

    Running in single player on Windows 10 - Microsoft Store version

    - 11th Gen i5
    - 3070 Geforce card
    - 32GB RAM

    I'm also running Minecraft Edu on:

    - an i5 Win 10 laptop w/ 8GB RAM
    - a Macbook Pro M1 Max 32GB
    - VMWare Tech Preview on same Macbook Pro w/ 8GB RAM

    which executes the code at around double/triple the speed of the Win 10 desktop that I'm experiencing the issue on. As I said, the issue only happened after uninstall/reinstall.

  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey there,

    Thanks for the info! Those Win10 Desktop specs are beefy, you are right that does not seem right. You may be running the .appx version, I would try the .exe version here:

    Minecraft Education desktop installer

    Back up your worlds, uninstall Minecraft Education and reinstall from above and let us know how things go.


  • Joshua Bowman

    The version I have had installed on the 11th Gen i5 is the Windows Store version because RTX does not seem to work on the desktop exe version.

    The code execution speed changed and became slower after uninstalling and reinstalling the Windows Store version. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling again but it's stayed at the slower rate. I will give the exe version a shot, but ultimately I need to keep the Windows Store version for the RTX compatibility.

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Hi, Joshua. Pleased to meet you! I am not a tech expert by any means! I will just mention in passing that no matter the capabilities of the device I use, I find that trying to run Minecraft with another heavy image processing type of app (like a zoom/Teams meeting, or a PowerPoint presentation, or anything beefier, obviously) will always lag coding in my game. Even if I shut the app down, a restart is often necessary to "let go" of the previous app. I am not, as I say, expert with this aspect, but I have found this to be the case. Perhaps it may help you in the meantime. If not, I do hope better minds will find a solution quickly among the great folks here! 


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