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Minecraft Ambasador Program



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    I've spent some time looking about the FB group and I don't see that I have access to assigning badges. I saw your two posts in the Ambassador's FB group, and I agree that things have been emerging in regards to what the Teachers' Lounge would be like. In light of the workload getting the hotfix out for the schools (yay!) and the wild (on fire!) success of the new Teachers' Lounge, it has been a succession of deft adjustments and a perhaps a few missteps. Please do not misunderstand the work cycle of the MC:EE employees dealing with what is now a 6K member group when they are not getting to all the deets. Please don't mistake it for them not being completely grateful and enthusiastic about talented and dedicated educators like yourself around the world, sharing their expertise and bringing life and new approaches to game-based learning with Minecraft Education. This goes especially for the newly minted Ambassador crowd, with updated skills and renewed commitment to the best in education, and sharing their knowledge with the global community.

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    Debbie Alexander Thank You for looking.
    Yes, I realize that there are limited Microsoft Employees available to Admin this site as well as the Facebook Groups for the Global Mentors/Ambassadors as well as the Teacher's Lounge.  AND that the developers/support personnel have had a monumental task with the latest two updates and needed hot patches.

    I do wish the Mentors/Ambassadors were allowed to actually provide some Admin/moderation assistance here or on the facebook groups to take a little pressure off the Employees and make the program more useful to the community.

      It just seems that there are Many New Ambassadors Who would greatly Like to help, unfortunately the Instructions we were given seem either Incomplete OR Include Steps that depend on the Microsoft Employees to carry out before we can complete them (and the key information of if or what steps we need to or are able to carry out before just simply having to wait for some one else, has not really been communicated.)
    Also the fact that many teachers can't access their facebook accounts at school so it is difficult for them to even attend the classes or meetings expected of us and there seems to be no way to access the recordings of those meetings/classes either.
    I was just hoping by posting/bumping posts over there as well as making a post here, perhaps we could get some clarification for everyone.  We just want to help.  And even if helping means they just need us all to be patient, Some one needs to clarify and communicate that.  And Hopefully give us some measure by which to know when it is time to start asking again.

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    Nice suggestion, I'm ready to help any time


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