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  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey there,

    Sorry to hear you are running into some issues logging in.

    Just had a few questions to help us support you further:

    Are you on a personal device or a school managed one?

    Are you on a personal account or a school managed one?

    What kind of error message are you receiving?

  • Why do you guys have to release a new version, mid-year, with no notifications or actual support/answers?

    These updates aren't something that should be happening so often. Schools have limited tech resources and updating Minecraft is never a priority for IT departments. When things are working, keep them working. I don't care that the kids get a new frog now - we are all on different versions, we have issues connecting, and a whole other bit of problems are popping up daily. 

    Minecraft was broken for months on Chromebooks until January...we finally get it all working and it's all good. Now it's getting all broken again with an (unnecessary) update. Please plan a better release schedule (updates should happen in July/August) and at least communicate/support with the educators better. 

    Another mess of an update rollout. We aren't using Xboxs. Please realize the technical nuances of using school issued devices and plan accordingly. 

  • Justin Support
    Bug Zapper Support Beacon of Knowledge

    William Sciarappa Thanks for the feedback on the update. We actually do send notifications to IT Admins at schools that own Minecraft Education. If you'd do not wish for your devices to auto update, we have an article on how to do that at the bottom of the page here: Update to a New Version of Minecraft Education – Minecraft Education

    We also ping educators and IT Admins on when we should update throughout the year, and around this time was one of the preferred times of the year. 

    We try to plan and notify as best we can, but we appreciate your feedback and will continue to try to improve our processes here. 


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