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NPC Targeting system



  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Ahhh, that's an interesting problem! Well, one alternative would be to have a special location for someone to stand on to be transported. In other words, there could be a block near the npc, and if you push the button on the npc, whoever is on that block would be transported. But that can be tricky as well. You could create what RPG game makers call a "pinch point." You could restrict access to the npc physically, so that only one person at a time can reach them. (put them at the end of a hall, for example) This would also reduce the crowding. Then create an "exit" when they leave. like a pressure plate, so no one "sneaks back in" through the exit. lol, it's like my old RPG Making days!

  • Tatiana Myachina

    Sounds good! I will try those, although I am not sure how to limit people well enough, it can be pretty hard to control 20 kids :) I guess one way could be that to access NPC they would have to enter a room that is automatically closed once u step on a pressure plate, but it could take a while for all 20 people to go through the quest that way. Maybe all 20 could be split into 4 instances of 5 people in it, so the "waiting time" is reduced greatly, I will have to think about it.


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